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A Guide to Choosing The Right Lights For Your Home

Lighting Plays An Important Role In Setting The Ambience In A Home. Besides Illuminating The House, Light Can Also Impact The Mood Of The Home’s Occupants. We Tell You How To Choose Lights That Can Make Your Home More Appealing
Lighting Options Are Available In A Variety Of Budgets, From Traditional To Contemporary Styles....
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Majiwada: Registering phenomenal growth

The role of infrastructure development is significant in this part of the MMR, states C&W.Thane has undergone a makeover from being an industrial town with affordable residential housing to a now favoured IT and relatively upmarket residential destination.
The role of infrastructure development is significant in this part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR)...
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6 major trends that will redefine Indian real estate in 2017

Is the Indian real estate sector poised for growth or will the slowdown persist? We get an expert's analysis on the the major trends that will shape or reshape the Indian real estate sector in 2017 and beyond
India was ranked fourth in developing Asia for FDI inflows, as per the World Investment Report 2016 by the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development...
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5 Home Decor Ideas That Won’t Cost You A Thing

You don’t have to spend a fortune on making your home look as good as the houses you see on TV shows. There are tons of cheap and easy ways to turn the interiors of your home into a work of art.
When you decide that your home needs some interior remodelling, you might immediately think of how expensive....
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Thane in Maharashtra identified as among 20 global neighbourhood hotspots

India to see 150 percent jump in ultra-high networth individuals in next 10 years, says a latest wealth report from property consultancy Knight Frank
At least 40 percent of the wealthy said that they are likely to invest in residential property in India in the next two years...
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Which is more attractive: Rental income from residential or commercial property?

If you are planning to invest in property to earn returns, which type of property should you choose – residential or commercial? We analyse the benefits and drawbacks of each
People often do not recognise the difference between residential and commercial properties, while making an investment and therefore, tend to focus on just one type....
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These Are The Factors That Decide Whether You Get a Home Loan or not

While deciding on a home loan application, the lender is primarily interested in ascertaining whether the applicant can service the loan each month
There are various factors that determine whether you will get a home loan or not. Consequently, it is advisable to know your home loan eligibility in advance, so that you can plan the purchase of your property, accordingly....
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Poor rental yields in Mumbai continue to be a subject of much concern.
Mumbai is known as the city of dreams where people from all over the country come to earn a living and carve a name for themselves. However, not everybody can afford to buy a house in this metro.So, can renting be a good alternative? Unfortunately, the answer is not-so optimistic....
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Focus on The Fundamentals

The ‘must consider’ things that you are likely to ignore while buying a house
Buying a house is a huge decision In a person's life that involves large capital expendi lure, mostly comprising one's life's savings.While some people feel that finding a property is a satisfying process, others find the perfect home to be elusive With an everincreasing number of project launches in cities...
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Seven easy Checks of The Legal Aspects of Property

If you are buying a house, always insist on inspecting the original documents of title, deed, etc. We give below seven such easy checks for laymen.
Buying a home on your own for the first time can seem very daunting. Below are a few suggestions for an easy check of the legal aspects, by considering those points by which one can ensure safe and secure transaction of property.
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Factors that Affect Home Loan Tenure

While it makes sense for a home loan borrower to opt for a long tenure, to enhance one’s eligibility, there are a several factors that restrict the number of years or tenure
The home loan tenure and home loan amount are positively correlated. So, higher the home loan tenure that you opt for, higher is the home loan eligibility
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Crowdfunding versus REIT: Crucial differences

While crowdfunding has the potential to become more popular than other organised forms of investment in Indian realty, there are several differences that investors should ideally be aware of
Investors in India are today exposed to what is happening in the global market. This holds true for financial planning and investment in Indian real estate, as well.
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Stamp Duty and Tax, on Gift of Property

While a gift of house property does not involve monetary consideration, it needs to be registered and taxes should be paid in certain cases
Gifting is an act, through which a person voluntarily transfers certain rights in an asset to another person, without any consideration. Gifting of a house property, has certain income tax and stamp duty implications.
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Important Ruling on The Property Rights of Successors versus Nominees

Upon the death of an owner, will the rights in the property be transferred to a nominee or the successor to the property?
We examine what the current legal standing on the issue is, after a landmark judgement from the Bombay High Court.A legal question that has been put to test time and again before various courts, is whether the rights of nominees prevail over those of successors
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TDR, a Realty Game-Changer?

The Maharashtra Government's new TDR (Transfer of Development Rights) policy has come as a welcome move. Read on...
For a city that has been asking for more areas to be developed through extra FSI, through flexible development norms and by doing away with the archaic regulations, the Maharashtra Government's new TDR (Transfer of Development Rights) Policy appears to be a welcome move.....
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Online Portals for Renovating Homes Becoming Popular

With e-commerce making its way into almost every aspect of urban life, the arduous ritual of decorating or renovating homes, is now just a click away
Plan to redo your house? Home owners, nowadays, can take the services of several online portals, which act as a single-point contact to attend to all possible requirements of redoing a house....
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Home Loan to Become Cheapest in 6 Years as SBI, Other Banks Slash Rates

Home loan rates have fallen to their lowest level in six years with the State Bank of India, the country's largest lender, cutting the effective rate to 8.6% from 9.10%.
While the SBI cut its one-year marginal cost of lending rate (MCLR) — the benchmark to which home loans are linked — to 8%, against 8.9% earlier, it kept the spread above MCLR at 60 basis points, against 20 basis points earlier....
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Real estate: Propeller of growth for Indian economy

The out of box thinking approach followed by real estate developers have been instrumental in changing the face of India from being an under-developed country towards accelerating its way to a developed country by developing the state of art infrastructure developments.
The real estate sector has been the backbone of the Indian economy and has been a major contributor in the economic growth...
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Why you need a broker

When a buyer selects the right broker, half the job is done as most brokers have proper knowledge of the property market and will strike the best deal for him.
Sunil Aggarwal, marketing consultant, was searching for his dream home in western suburbs of Mumbai. Initially, he was doing online research but was not able to close the deal due to mismatch in information....
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What decor theme works for you?

An overview of furniture and design concepts and principles for residential interiors
When it comes to designing residential spaces the designer face es many challenges. but no matter what the size, it has to be comfortable and that's where true design capabilities are tested....
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10 learnings from 2016 for guaranteed returns

Buying a 1BHK unit in any project is an investment which gives reasonable returns on a small investment along with an opportunity of an increase in the capital value of these properties.Investment in such property near any commercial space is likely to give good returns.
A 1BHK property is always rented out easily. In many cases, the developer arranges a tie-up with an agency, which maintains the property and also lease such property ..
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'Interest rates to come down, right time to buy property'

the impact of Demonetisation on consumer demand and hosuing supply. “With supply side getting constant demand which is likely to improve in the near future and declining interest rates, it’s the right time to buy a property,"
He also talks about problems such as high stamp duty, insurance on property, road infrastructure, water and sewage connections that need to be tweaked...
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How was Mumbai Metropolitan Region real estate in 2016

Mumbai like the rest of the nation had an exhaustive year in the real estate sphere. The early months of 2016 saw only a spoonful number of property transactions.
However, as the year progressed, there were ample progressive initiatives which benefitted the stakeholders.Trickling sales number never seemed to have fettered the city’s enthusiasm...
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To keep house prices in check, construct more roads

The correlation between building road infrastructure and restricting house prices to moderate levels in Indian metros.
It is not wealth that built "our roads but roads that built our wealth." This line by former American president John F Kennedy holds true not only for the US but also India. Road infrastructure seems to be closely linked to residential price movements...
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Commercial and office demand determine residential realty trends

Commercial and office spaces reveal the course of the real estate market. Additionally, they also determine the future trends of residential demand
Currently, commercial property and office spaces are the true indicators of the future of the real estate market. It is always the absorption of office space that reflects the potential economic activity and job catchment areas, leading to the demand of residential units...
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Govt eases environmental clearance to build homes

Seeking to achieve a target of housing for all by 2022, the Centre has simplified the environmental clearance processes for building projects in the country.
The move allows smaller projects to meet environment conditions through a 'self-declaration' process and spares the bigger projects the need of seeking prior green approvals before embarking on construction activity....
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How to decide when to rent and when to buy a house

Rather than arguing over whether to buy or rent a house, the question should be when to buy and when to live in a rented accommodation
‘Fools build houses, and wise men live in them’. This British proverb is often used in arguments against buying a house. Investing in a house is a very important decision, as the amount needed takes up almost all of one’s savings....
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Should you buy a house now or wait for the Real Estate Regulation Act?

While the Real Estate Regulation Act is intended to simplify real estate purchase and make the process more transparent, we look at whether home seekers have anything to gain, by postponing their property purchase till their respective states implement the law..
Across the country, aspiring property buyers are waiting for the Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA) to be implemented by the state governments....
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You are entitled to several tax benefits when you a buy property with a home loan Here is an analysis of how you can save money..
To alleviate the burden of a home loan, the government offers several tax concessions to borrowers. While most people may be broadly aware of home loan tax benefits, there are several other nuances that need to be highlighted.....
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Here’s why you should thoroughly read your builder-buyer agreement

Read the builder-buyer agreement carefully instead of signing it blindly. In case you need legal recourse, it’s the one contract that will help you in court
The builder-buyer agreement is an immensely important document as it is the legal contract between the builder and the buyer.If the developer does not keep his word on any count, it is the most important legal document that the buyer will have to fall back on....
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Tips to find the right real estate broker

Several brokers and real estate agents in India are not certified. Hence, finding the right one can be a task. Here is how you can pick the right one
Purchasing a property is a time-consuming transaction involving multiple steps. If you are able to find a property broker who is professional and honest, he can ensure the entire process moves along smoothly without any problems....
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Benefits of buying a home in the wife’s name

There are several benefits to buying a property in a woman’s name, either as the sole owner or as a joint owner, with governments and banks offering several sops.
“Aspiring home buyers can seek certain benefits including tax exemptions, if a home is bought in a woman’s name. Such offers can also attract more women buyers to the realty sector,” points out Ashok Mohanani, CMD, Ekta World....
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Thane : Physical infrastructure and liveability

The central suburban region of Thane, which was once an industrial town, has outclassed most of the other growing suburbs in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). In a survey done by India Today on India’s best cities, Thane ranked ninth in the liveability index. Residential, commercials, retail and infrastructure developments, have been the catalyst behind Thane’s amazing growth.
Wide roads, mega housing projects, lakes and an enviable view of the Yeoor Hills, have made it a preferred destination for home seekers...
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Home loans: A guide to claiming tax benefits

To alleviate the burden of a home loan, the government offers several tax concessions to borrowers. While most people may be broadly aware of home loan tax benefits, there are several other nuances that need to be highlighted
The principal amount repaid on the home loan taken can be deducted from your income up to Rs 1.5 lakhs under Section 80C. This deduction, however, comes with a couple of caveats.....
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Emerging locations in the top 5 metros

In India’s property market, there are several locations that are more promising and are coming up better than their parent metro cities. We have seen this trend in the past, with areas in the National Capital Region (NCR) performing better than Delhi, and Navi Mumbai outperforming Mumbai’s growth
With the existing infrastructure, there is no way that the metros can take more load, points out Shoeb Sayed, CEO of Motilal Oswal Property Advisors Ltd....
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Maharashtra approves waterway from Bhayander to Thane

The state environment department has finally cleared the water transport project that was planned from Jesal Park in Bhayander to Gaimukh creek in Thane, claimed Thane MLA Pratap Sarnaik on Saturday. This alternate means of transport between Thane and Borivli will ease the traffic congestion along Ghodbunder Road.
Commenting on the development, Sarnaik said, “I had been demanding for a water transport system to be developed between Thane and Mira Bhayander.....
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Buying or Renting – What to Prefer in Suburban Market ?

While rural markets have been verifiably famous for ventures and winning solid returns, increasingly individuals have begun leasing properties here recently to try things out before purchasing a house.we highlights a moving pattern in the rural ranges crosswise over significant metros.
Early this year, the focal government proposed a few plans for influencing "moderate lodging" and "Lodging for All" by 2022....
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Home Loan Norms Demystified

A look at the factors that determine eligibility and aspects to keep in mind
What are the factors based on which home loan eligibility is calculated?
What is the typical ratio of income to loan amount considered by lending institutions?

The ratio may vary, but a general thumb-rule is to consider 60% of the net take-home monthly income and then 60 times this amount to calculate overall home loan eligibility. With a FlexiEMI scheme, using a step-up plan, one can stretch this amount further too.
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